Discover Hahei – Cathedral Cove

About Hahei

Hahei, a village located south of Whitianga is a traditional kiwi holiday destination with a safe beach protected by offshore islands providing a sheltered beach ideal for swimming, boating and fishing. The coastline to the north forms the boundaries of the marine reserve Whanganui-a Hei, making this a popular destination for diving, boating, snorkelling and kayaking.

Hahei is the gateway to famous Cathedral Cove, home to a beautiful limestone rock arch that separates two white sand beaches. At the southern end of Hahei beach, the Te Pare historic reserve is the site of an ancient Maori pa (fortified village). 

Fishing and Boating

Hahei is safe beach and it’s known for the classic tractors launching boats from the beach as well as the kayaks lined up ready to explore the marine reserve – Whanganui-a-Hei – leading to Cathedral Cove. 

Walks in the area

Cathedral Cove is now accessible in 3 ways, excluding summer parking at the beginning of the walk.

Park at the entrance of Hahei and catch a bus to the start of the walk.
Walk to Cathedral Cove via Hahei Beach where you will find the beginning of the walk at the Pohutakawa trees.
Drive to the Lees Rd carpark and walk on this newly developed path
The walk to Te Pare Point starts at the end of Pa Rd Hahei. It is a short walk rewarded with incredible 180 degree views of the area. 

Stella Evered Memorial Reserve

Drive to the end of Lees Rd to the Stella Evered Memorial Reserve where you will find beautiful views of the Purangi, Cooks Beach and Shakespeares Cliff. The path leads down to a comfortable walk to the Purangi River.


Things To Do In Hahei

Snorkelling, kayaking, swimming and walking are the things to do in Hahei. Take a walk or a bus up to the path to Cathedral Cove and spend a day on this beautiful beach.

Snorkelling at Gemstone Bay (on the path to Cathedral Cove) is an awesome experience as it lies within in the marine reserve and the sea life is abundant. If you are not comfortable in the water take one of the many boat cruises from Whitianga to Cathedral Cove.

All the bays towards Cathedral Cove are within walking distance to Hahei village where on return you can grab some cake, coffee, a pizza or a delicious ice cream.

Where to eat in Hahei

Hahei village is a gourmets delight. The choices range from gourmet food trucks to locally brewed boutique beer and everything inbetween. Breakfast and coffee is catered for by the local café, with pizza and beer for lunch followed by a thick shake from the local ice cream parlour.

Retail therapy in Hahei

Hahei has local well stocked dairy, liquor store, art gallery and real estate agent. There is also a single, quality retail outlet.

Accommodation in Hahei

The Hahei area has many B&B’s and online accommodation options. The closest camping/holiday park is the Hahei Beach Resort parallel to Hahei Beach.

Live & work in Hahei

Hahei has been a traditional Kiwi holiday destination for decades. It is a seasonal town that relies on very much on tourism, the tourism service providers and property. Hahei has a strong volunteer service which includes the Fire Station and St John Ambulance.