Discover Opito Bay

About Opito Bay

Tucked into a secluded bay, Opito is a small township that boasts a spectacular beach and stunning views.

The only access to Opito Bay, besides by boat, is through the township of Kuaotutu. From there you follow a winding road, that is unsealed in part, but the adventure is well worth it.

Many will support the idea that Opito Bay’s “off the beaten track” location is part of its irresistable charm: you’ll find a distinct lack of crowds and noise. Instead, long stretches of beach to yourself and tranquility in spades.

This curving white sandy beach is fabulous. It is long enough to satisfy even the most determined dog walker in the early morning and late afternoon. The water is crystal clear. Waves are not aggressive but enough to interest those with small boogie boards. Rocky headlands at either end and The Mercury Islands offshore, make it very scenic to look at.

The best thing is the orientation of Opito Bay, which seems to somehow avoid the prevailing wind and remain quite sheltered in comparison to the neighbouring beaches.

Never crowded but enough people interest for the people watchers. Definitely worth the travel to find.