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At Evakona, our classrooms are dynamic. Our teachers are enthusiastic, the classroom atmosphere vibrant and our class sizes small, so no one gets left behind. However, it doesn’t stop there. We also take the teaching out of the classroom: into local recreational clubs, sport teams and community activities. So learning happens in real-life situations and through live interactions. As a result, our students improve faster and retain the knowledge for a lifetime.

Evakona founder, Eriko McLean, witnessed firsthand how difficult it can be for overseas students to cross over to New Zealand schools and universities while she was teaching at the local high school in Whitianga. Today, Evakona has built solid relationships with several New Zealand schools and universities, enabling students to earn credits towards their chosen schools while supporting them to thrive in school and in life. We also introduce parents and students to local schools. Contact us for more information.

At Evakona, our team consists of highly qualified teachers, student counsellors, social activity coordinators, homestay coordinators, host families, placement agents…and more! The entire team is devoted to providing personal care and attention to ensure that students’ objectives are met, and that they flourish in their new environment. Our students tell us this type of support sets us apart from the others – but you be the judge. Contact us for more information.

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