Longshore Marine No Bait Tournament

SPECIES:  Heaviest Snapper, Kingfish, John Dory, Heaviest Other (no Sharks or Stingrays)

One fish per angler, per species, per day

PRIZE ALLOCATION(CASH)  – The prize pool will be made up of all entry money plus $1000 cash from our sponsor, Longshore Marine.

The prize pool will be allocated as follows:

  • Heaviest Snapper   40%
  • Heaviest Kingfish    20%
  • Heaviest John Dory    20%
  • Heaviest Other (excl Sharks and Stingrays)   20%
  • $25 Optional  Sweepstake  (Snapper only)

If you didn’t catch a winning fish, there will also be drawn SPOT PRIZES  but you can only win those if you are here when they are drawn.

Thanks to the following sponsors of this tournament:   

Hutchwilco   Black Magic Tackle   Shimano   Catch Fishing   Ocean Angler   Pure Fishing   So Dope


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