Fuel 2 U Ltd

Hello from Fuel 2 U Ltd ….
We are Chris & Sharee Green and are excited to have taken over ownership of Acme Fuel Supplies, now known as Fuel 2 U Ltd. We are Locals working for Locals, with an exceptional Team that are Customer focused.

We offer the following Products & Services:

  • Fuel 2 U Ltd Mobil Fuel Cards for Petrol & Diesel
  • Bulk Diesel Tank @ Abrahamson Drive for Fuel 2 U Cardholders
  • Cardholders can also use their card at any Mobil in NZ and pay on the 20th of the following month
  • Deliveries of Fuel to your Site, Farm, Job etc
  •  Also to Boats at the Whitianga Wharf, both commercial and recreational/leisure craft
  •  Distributors for Aegis Oil Ltd

If you would like to be our Customer or have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us :-

• Chris 021577270 chris@fuel2u.co.nz
• Sharee 0274939943 sharee@fuel2u.co.nz
• Office 0274939943 office@fuel2u.co.nz
• Customer Orders 0278799176




9 Abrahamson Drive, Whitianga 3510

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