Glass Bottom Boat

If you’re looking for things to do in Whitianga, you cant go past the Glass Bottom Boat.

Enjoy the areas stunning volcanic scenery, discover the marine reserve and explore the coastline. Cruise to Cathedral Cove where we get close enough to the Cove you can look right through. The perspective of Cathedral Cove from the water is stunning. When cruising along the rest of the coast there are blow holes, towering pinnacles and hidden beaches to explore. Another highlight is Orua Sea Cave. A sea cave so big our boat can go right right inside.

Discover the thriving ecosystem in the Te Whanga Nui A Hei marine reserve by looking through the glass panels. Look down and watch the schools of snapper, blue mau mau, demoiselles, red moki and more swimming amongst the kelp. While exploring the reef systems crayfish, stingrays and octopus can be spotted.

During the tour there is a chance to jump of the boat and snorkel with the fish. Equipment is supplied.

We hold a marine mammal watch permit which legally and sustainably allows us to interact with any seals, dolphins and orca that are seen on the tour. Watching dolphin and orca swimming alongside the boat and on occasions under the glass panels is a heart warming experience that you wont forget.

Our fun but professional team offer excellent customer service to all our guests. During the tour they share information on the history and geology of the area plus the chance to learn all about the marine life, the importance of the marine reserve and sustainability.

Tours depart daily from the Whitianga Wharf with a duration of 2hrs. If you plan to swim please wear your swim wear under your clothes and bring a towel. Other items to bring include a hat, camera, a light coat in winter and water.

Main tour times are 10.30am and 1.30pm plus 8am and 4pm in the summer months. During the shoulder and winter seasons tour times can be flexible to suit groups.

Bookings are essential and can be made online , at our booking office on 16 Monk Street or over the phone 07 867 1962.

07 867 1962

022 414 5710

16 Monk Street, Whitianga 3510

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