Volunteer Firefighters

The Whitianga Fire Brigade need you!
Have you ever thought about joining your local Volunteer Fire Brigade here in Whitianga?
Have you ever thought about what is happening when you hear that siren go and see the trucks heading about town with flashing lights?
Have you ever thought of giving your time for something bigger than yourself?
We are looking for more volunteers to join our team to help your community
We attend about approx. 150 calls a year. Our work ranges from structure and vegetation fires, motor vehicle accidents, providing medical care at emergencies – backing up the ambulance where required. Helping save properties and people during storm, flooding and natural disasters, animal recuses of the big and small variety – yes we have been called to save a whale once and also many little ducklings have been saved by us over the years, and the general call of help from our community in an emergency situation.
We have lockers that need to be filled – could you be the right person?
– Volunteer Firefighters (frontline duties – eg putting the wet stuff on the hot stuff, getting to cut up cars)
Operational Support (supporting and having the back of our frontline crew when they are head down getting to work)
To start the process, you’d come and meet the team.
We are an electric crew of Builders, shop owners, business owners, office workers, truck drivers, boat skippers and just all round good people.
You’d have a talk with the Chief, see if you fit with the crew, you will be required to pass a police vetting and a medical check to proceed to the next step.
Upon passing these you will be trained locally, attend a two day first aid course then a 7 day recruit course to become a Firefighter.
Things that are important and requirements for our brigade;
– You need to be at least 18 years old (or 16-17 with parental consent)
– Live and work within town- there is a KM radius requirement due to the time it takes for you to get to a call, we need to be getting out that door to the emergency pretty fast..
– Commitment to your training and being part of the team. There is a level of commitment that is required and expected. We are all required to do our part to be the smooth running brigade that we inspire to be and ready for our communities call for help.
– Attend weekly training on Wednesday at 7:30pm. This is super important to keep your skills honed to be emergency ready for your community.
– If you consider yourself to be a team player, keen to learn new skills and have a passion to serve your community, then take that first step and contact us for more information.
If you’d like to know more please contact with us via our Facebook page, pop into the Station on a Wednesday night for a chat at 7pm, or email roly.chaney@fireandemergency.nz

07-866 5308

Whitianga Fire Station

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