Stargazers Astronomy Tours and B&B

Explore the night sky with us!
Take an amazing voyage of discovery through the special treasures of the southern night sky.  Explore the Moon and/or planets from our dark sky site.  Discover areas of star formation and death using our research grade telescope in the rotating dome.  Sit inside the giant sundial and learn how stars and constellations were used by Maori to explore the Pacific.

Handle meteorites from space older than the Earth.  Walk with us through the 25m long scale model solar system to understand its true size and our own place in the Universe.  Follow our geological timeline from the Big Bang till the present day using ancient fossils and unique and rare mineral specimens to learn how the Earth developed and life evolved.

See Auckland Museum’s historic Spitz Planetarium in action once again.

An absolutely unique experience found nowhere else that we guarantee will change forever the way you view the sky.  Fun and educational for all the family.

Boutique B&B accommodation available on site.

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9 School of Mines Lane, Kuaotunu, Whitianga 3592

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